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Indie Fashion Week is a semi-annual series of events designated to highlight and showcase exclusive and/or original products from the independent, emerging, and sustainable fashion collectives and houses. It’s primary mission is to bridge the gap between consumers and independent brands through creative means of awareness, style consciousness, and brand expansion potential within the Greater Washington, DC area – across markets.

Moreover, it promises to be an enlightening space set to motivate, activate, and celebrate emerging fashion/beauty/lifestyle brands. It’s our goal to provide insight and opportunity to small business owners in the fashion/beauty/lifestyle spaces.

Buyers, the media, influencers, style connoisseurs, and the general public get ample opportunity to interact, connect with, and support brands of all industries throughout the seven-day span.

Fashion Friends…


April 21-27, 2024!

See our Cycle Sixteen RECAP BELOW

Courtesy of @shot_by_love_productions

So Many Amazing Moments!
-IFW Executive Team
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